Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Good afternoon, all. Are you comfortable? Do you have enough room for your legs? Good. Hope you are having a better day than I am. In fact, anyone that is not being sh-iat on is having a better day than I am so that doesn't say much...

Being positive is sometimes work. Sorry to disappoint my fellow members of the Eternal Optimists Club. While I am still able to see all the great things that are in my life right now, I can't help but see the icky stuff too. 'Specially when it is thrown in my face and I don't duck out of the way. But I digress....

Last night was interesting. Much family drama and discord by the one we termed the Princess. Somehow she seems to think that...well, it doesn't really matter.

Then, I was up until late talking to J.

Then, Aunt Flo still didn't arrive.

Then I went to work and chatted with J online and found that a friend of his with a very wrong idea of their relationship was jealous of me. So he didn't want me posting on his public page for a little while. He wants to "give her time". Well, jeez. Would be lying if I didn't say that it hurt me a little that he didn't stand up for us.

Then, there was drama at work too. I had to take several of my employees to task for being immature and down right annoying.

Then I fought ugly traffic all the way home.

So, here I am feeling really tired, stressed, and just needing a hug. And Aunt Flo must have taken US Air and is still looking for her luggage, because she STILL isn't here. She's sent several notices that her arrival is pending. So where is she?

And, we still have stuff to do tonight. I want sleep! I may not even talk to J tonight as I have not spoken to him most of the day because I am annoyed and hurt that I have to "hide" from this Fatal Attraction friend, who apparantly told him that she was really angry that he led her on and hurt her feelings. (oooo, how's that for a run on sentence?) He claims nothing went down with her. So, she's either another psycho, or he is totally clueless. Or both. I think that the latter is probably more likely. Either way, it is a bit too early in our relationship for me to start feeling slighted by a simple request like that - but it got my goat today. Oh, and it is important to mention that this "friend" is in Michigan where he is from, so there is no chance she will show up at my house with a dead rabbit. Come to think of it, there was no chance she was going to get with J, but that is her issue.

So, here's what I am pointing out that is positive today and yesterday (since I missed it!):

1. The Phils are going to the World Series! (not that I follow that stuff much, but it is neat anyway)
2. I got to see a co-workers baby today. Nothing like a little face time with a small bundle of joy to brighten anyone's day :)

Oh, and Aunt Flo has still not arrived. Did I mention that? Pretty soon I am going to take it personally....

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you day was so lousy. Here's hoping you have a great Friday. Margie