Thursday, November 13, 2008


Feeling a little strange today. Not exactly bad, just....meh. Not sure why. Dino and I played Dino-opoly last night - it's a dinosaur version of Monopoly. It was fun, but of course, Dino whupped my butt. He's quite the mogul, my little guy!

Didn't really get to talk to J last night, either. He was able to get his kids and they were in need of some "dad time". I am so happy he got to have them for the night. Hopefully, that will be a regular occurrence for them. He's such a good dad, I can't imagine them not wanting to be with him. Except that his ex is on the "wobbly" side and doesn't appear to do much by way of encouraging them to be with him. In any case, we tried to be on the phone, but they interrupted often and loudly, so it was pretty obvious that they wanted and needed his attention. So, it was short lived.

I also realized that I have to get my itinerary to the ex today for my trips to Dallas and Disney. Should have that done today. It's a strange thing...

I hurt my pinkie on Monday. Not sure what is wrong with it, but I had jammed it into the dryer door. Do you know how hard it is not to type with your left pinkie? I put a little splint on it to keep from bending it and it is a weird thing not to use it. I keep messing up this post! Arrrgh!

Also, been looking at cars. My transmission slipped again a bit this morning. While I am in Disney, I am having my BIL check out my car to see what it may need, but I am pretty sure it is on it's last legs. I DON'T need another bill right now, but I gotta do what I gotta do. I've been looking at used cars and will be going out this weekend at some point to perhaps test drive a couple. I really like the Dodge Caliber, and it's good on gas. I was looking at the Prius, but even used ones are prohibitively expensive! One with 20K miles on it was selling for 23K. Sheesh!

Finally, I am looking to consolidate my debt on my credit cards. Now that I am on my own, I am finding it hard NOT to use them. Especially with Christmas around the corner. So, I am looking for deal where I can transfer the balances for no fee and a low APR. Any ideas are welcome.

Gotta get back to work. Later gators! Hope you have a better day than Meh.

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Jeff said...

Loved the use of "wobbly"...

C actually wanted to get me off the phone so she could call my sister, which she did about 1.5 minutes after we hung up.

Hurt your pinky? And you didn't tell me? I could've kissed it and made it all better...

I'm not that experienced at credit cards, but don't be surprised if the banking crisis squeezes the credit card market, too, and those zero-interest-on-balance-transfer deals might be few and far between. In all seriousness, you might try American Express, now that they have declared themselves a bank and are backing up the truck to off-load some of that government money. Just do me a personal favor and stay away from Bank of America or MBNA, unless it's a deal so good you just can't refuse.