Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On a High and Mighty Horse

Alrighty, let me just state for the record that I am NOT about pushing beliefs off on others. Nor do I feel the need to defend myself in any forum for what I think, feel, or otherwise subscribe to. Therefore, I WILL NOT, read that America - WILL NOT - be baited into a political debate about my choice in candidates. Especially since the election is OVER PEOPLE. Get on with your life now. If your candidate didn't win, try to understand why. Don't push hate around. Don't use my FaceBook page for your scrod vomit (that was for you, J-babe) drivel about how my candidate lied, or about how much money he spent on his campaign. Don't feel the need to send me yet another email about how our country is about to go into ruin. I don't wanna hear it. It's not that I don't respect your opinion, or your right to one. Just go the freak away....or better yet, next time get involved and do something. This is America. You have that right. But you know the saying...People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones....

I have witnessed a truly historic event. I will always remember where I was when Obama was elected. I was sitting on the couch watching the results, with J running commentary over the phone. I was so excited, I couldn't sleep! Caught up in the moment, as it were. Then it happened. And I actually got chills. Not because the first African-American was voted into the White House. But because the country for once pulled together to really affect change on our government. How's that for democracy? Not too shabby.

I was even impressed with McCain's concession speech. He was gracious and seemed to be sincere. I hope so. We need everyone to get this country to where it should be.

Finally, I am REALLY tired. I stayed up through the acceptance speech, too thrilled to sleep. But now I am paying the price. Ah well, I'll get some sleep tonight I hope. Thanks for voting, y'all. We'll get where we need to be.


Jeff said...

My only disappointment is that you successfully used "scrod vomit" before I did. Damn.

Domestic Goddess said...

If I do recall correctly, I remember folks being FREAKING DISAPPOINTED when GW got elected eight years ago. And more disappointed four years ago. The difference?> The Elephants won last time and that's ok, 'cause they are better than Donkeys. Playing devil's advocate here.
ANd now that the donkeys are more popular? All of the sudden it's FIRE AND BRIMSTONE and THE WORLD IS GOING TO END! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! And yet the last pres, who was an elephant? Let's see...unpopular war, terrorism on our own soil, no child left behind...need I say more? Pro life or pro choice, anything has to be better than another four years of that bullshiat.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

DG, those Elephant loves can kiss my Donkey because if they actually knew how to read beyond an 8th grade level, they'd get that middle America thrives more under blue than red!

GC, just send me their e-mails. I would be happy to smack it down into tomorrow.

You are tired?!! Check out my post and please leave comments at AG is tired and walking on cloud nine!

Next: 2012: Hillary Clinton and Alan Dershowitz!

Jeff said...

AGF, aren't we more or less set for candidates until 2016? And, even then, won't Hillary be almost 70 then?

Not that I disrespect Hillary at all, I'm just sayin'.