Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Playing Hookey

Good morning, y'all!

Quite a busy weekend! First, went to a baby shower for my brother's girlfriend (or soon-to-be fiance, whatevs!). It was fun, hectic, and sweet. She is such a wonderful person, and seeing her with her family and friends really just struck me how lovely she is. Her mom had a slide show of baby pictures on the wall, and it was just so sweet to see her and my brother's pics together. Their baby is bound to be GORGEOUS. Yes, I am biased.

After, J came by and he hung out. Spending time with J is awesome and I savor every moment. I did some quick clean up of the house since I was having family over on Sunday....

Second, had Dino's 7th birthday party on Sunday at the karate studio. J helped keep everything running smooth and even ran back to the house for my phone because I left it there like a wacko. We had run around all morning getting stuff and he was a HUGE help to me. After, we went back to the house and had family over. That was utter chaos. And, even better, J did not run screaming from the house. It was the best introduction to our family gatherings that I could possibly ask for - kids were occupied, dog was spastic, parents were co-herent for once, and sisters were just plain chatty. J seemed to enjoy it, but we both totally crashed after.

Yesterday, I was so beat and "hung over" from all the activity, that I took a day off of work. I had a couple of other things to do, and J had some errands, so we spent the day getting things done. It was nice, though, because we didn't rush, and didn't try to stick to a schedule (except when we had to pick up Dino from school). It was a good day, and capped off a great weekend.

Back to work today. Not too much going on, so hopefully I can get some things done for the week that are due and just get myself back on track. I am getting excited about our trip to Disney in a week and a half. I also have that trip to Dallas through work, so I have to find a kennel for my dog for those couple of days. She is really spastic and hopefully will not have too much trouble.

Gotta jet. Tons to do. TTFN!

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