Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to Normal?

Hello Blog World!

Yes, I have been gone a LONG time. So sorry. Work travel, a magical trip to Disney, and Thanksgiving sort of kept me off line most of the past two weeks. And when I did log on, it was only for brief moments....

Synopsis: Dallas was nice (even though I got sick), Disney was awesome, and Thanksgiving was super. Now I am sick. Just a cold, I am sure. Been fighting it for some time and I think it finally got me.

I want to post more, but I am behind and I am trying to catch up on things here at work. I will post more on Disney and such this weeks.

Nice to be back though.....

1 comment:

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Welcome back! I am glad it was a good time. I may have the same cold since I have no voice today. Ugh.