Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Feels Like Home

Last night was J's Holiday Party. The party was being held at a hotel in the city. I was originally supposed to bring my clothes to work and go right there, but I decided that I needed to "gussy up" at home. I did not count on the weather being a factor :)

Despite the rain (and subsequent messy roads), I managed to get home, throw on my dress, pack my cute little clutch and heels, and throw on my boots. The ride into the city was ok. Not great, but certainly not as bad as I expected. The rain kept speeds down, which was ok with me since I didn't know where I was going anyway. Once I got to Broad Street, I called J and he talked me to the nearest parking garage...but I had missed my turn, so I had to circle City Hall and go down 15th street. For once, I didn't mind driving into the city. The driving was fine, and there were lots of people out going to and fro.

After walking a few blocks, I met up with J at his office and saw his workstation (ummmm, let's just say he's a little far from a neatfreak) and met a few people. Once I spruced up my makeup and put on my heels (note: next time, wear the boots to the party and change there!) we headed out in the rain.

The hotel was not far, and we arrived in good order. It was a swanky place, with marble floors and a lovely lobby. Once we made our way to the party, it was obvious that a great deal of care and expense was put into the affair. It was really lovely. The food was awesome! And, meeting all of J's co-workers and friends was fun. I am usually intimidated at parties where I don't know many people, but I think with J by my side - and looking damn fine in his suit - made it a great deal easier for me.

We mingled over drinks and I discovered that the people J works with are all really nice people. I was welcomed warmly. Most didn't recognize J in his suit or were totally surprised by him. I was so proud to be there with him. He looked so handsome! Even his

Dinner was extraordinary. Did I mention how awesome the food was? EVERYTHING was great. I even ate sushi! Every morsel melted in the mouth. Then, there was dancing. I was extremely happy to find that J likes to dance. It was so much fun! Not too many people on the dance floor, but that was ok. We had a great time.

The pièce de résistance was the chocolate bar at the end. There were bananas, marshmellows, cookies, pretzels, strawberries and more to dip and eat. Mmmmmmmmmm. YUMMY! By this time, a good number of people left and it was getting late. One of the lawyers came over to say good night and she whispered in my ear, "I'll pay you to stay with him!" She was too funny! Of course, no payment is necessary, at least not in our currency :) TMI? Too bad! LOL

When J and I got back to the house, we were pretty tired. What was cool, and this is the point I wanted to make, was that it all felt so....normal. Going to the party, being introduced, having fun, and then going home with J felt like....home. And, waking to find him snuggled next to me....felt so right. I love this feeling. Better than I have felt in, well, forever! I will cherish this night for a long time.

Looks like Santa delivered my Christmas present early this year :)

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