Friday, December 12, 2008

Geek Chick In The News

Delaware (AP) (edited from previous version)- A self-proclaimed blogger that goes by the moniker of "Geek Chick" has declared that she is not sure what to blog about. With readership in the ones, she certainly feels a good deal of obligation to post witty and expressive dissertations on her life experience. She believes it necessary to warn readers when there is a serious lack of inspiration so that they are not disappointed when they don't find something new. This clearly bothers the 40 year-old mother of one, "I am simply stumped. That kills me! I have a big mouth, I have no trouble talking, so why can't I find something to blog about?"

Blogging has become a world wide phenomenon, with millions of people using this online outlet to share publicly what is going on in their lives. Some are funny, some poignant, and some are nonsensical. There are political blogs, technical blogs, craft blogs and pet blogs. Just about any subject you can imagine is being blogged about at this very moment.

So what makes Geek Chick stand out from the crowd? Well, as she puts it, "I am just one blogger trying to make sense of our world."

Born to relatively low tech parents, Geek Chick discovered her obsession with everything technology driven in the early 80's. Atari, Commodore, and Bulletin Boards (the precursor to Instant Messaging) were all part of her vernacular at an early age. "I was not necessarily a full fledged Geek yet," she says, sitting in her ergonomically correct chair at work, "but I was definitely bitten by the bug. I would come to the status of Geek slowly over several years of development."

Years later, Geek Chick is still learning what it means to be Geek. Gaming, blogging, Sci-Fi, learning to code in the wee hours are all part of the Geek heritage. What Geek Chick has discovered about herself in this journey is that not all Geeks are created in the same way. For her, it was a twisted and convoluted path to Geekdom. Holding jobs such as teacher, medical biller, salad bar girl, and finally IT Help Desk, Geek Chick relished learning the more technical aspects of these positions. Her innate desire to seclude herself became her avenue of discovery. "I never really dealt well with people. I still don't." She says, as she tosses her unruly red curls from her face. "I preferred to hole myself up somewhere to delve into the mysteries of HTML or Java. But, I have learned over the years that you need people. And in my current position, I can't ignore the people that work for me. The difficult balance for me is deciding how to interact and when. That's why I blog, it gives me an outlet for my true feelings so that I can be 'the boss' at work."

Geek Chick is not alone. A simple search using a well known search engine, like say Google, will turn up millions of links to people just making their mark on the world wide web. Most use blogging as an online journal, with personal thoughts, opinions and ideas posted for all the world to read. Reading Geek Chick's blog is like reading a diary. She shares her struggles, her pain, her joy and her triumphs. When something happens that she is particularly emotional about, she posts with passion and sometimes with foul language.

"Yeah, I know. Not so good, right?", she laughs. "Well, one thing I decided early on is not to censor myself. Since we are allowed freedom of expression in this country, I believe that no matter how vulgar others may see it, I am just saying how I feel."

What Geek Chick most wants to do is write. "I used to write short stories, poems, songs, limericks and I even tried a book once. What I am hoping is that by posting on a regular basis, I can develop my writing ability and get back to that. I crave that creative outlet that I used to have."

To that end, the blog "Geek Chick with Sticks" is a mish-mash of different writing styles and topics. One post about her son is poignant. Another about family is witty and dry. Sarcasm is a big component of her arsenal of blogging. She doesn't mind that not all people will "get" her humor. She just wants to be free enough to say what she thinks.

And so, Geek Chick has vowed to continue to blog, even when she feels she has nothing new to say. "I have to keep it up. It's the only way I can get my head straight sometimes. Like when I went through my divorce. It was hell, and I mean HELL for a short time. Blogging helped me through that. It wasn't just the journaling that gave me solace, but the people that posted their comments of support. I mean, where can you get that with complete anonymity like this?"

With that, the fearless blogger returns to her keyboard to attempt to pound out another gem of wit and insight. Blog on, dear Geek, blog on......


Jeff said...

I once came up with this little "faux news" blurb (just about 8 months ago now) when the Tigers had a *VERY* unimpressive start to their season:

Major League Baseball has announced that the Detroit Tigers are being demoted to the International League, and are being replaced by the Louisville Bats. "Frankly, they're just a better team right now," commissioner-for-life Bud Selig was quoted as saying, "and the League has an interest in keeping Major League Baseball contests competitive. The Tigers just weren't meeting even that basic standard." Jim McCahill, GM of the Louisville Bats, could not give a quote suitable for printing in a family newspaper, but suffice it to say that he's not happy with MLB's decision that the Bats will be forced to inherit the opening 2-9 record of the Tigers.

Now, that faux news blurb was done to impress some long-forgotten chick from lower parts of Delaware (and it did), but still... I'm a fan of the "faux news" format. I'm rather not a fan of the capitalized "Faux News Channel", the one with Bill O'Reilly and Hannity & Colmes and other blowhards like that, but I digress.

Anonymous said...

Very good post. I smiled all the way through it. Thank you. Margie

Adorable Girlfriend said...


You can always blog politics. :)

CryssyeR said...

Yikes! I would never dream of putting my foot into the political blogging ring. I would suffer FAR too much from comparison to other extremely well written blogs...unless you are offering to guest blog once in a while :)

Marge, you are most welcome! I had serious writers block this morning but wanted to come up with SOMETHING....

Jeff, love that post. Is there more?

Adorable Girlfriend said...

I am happy to guest blog, but I would hardly say I am much of politico blogger.

I think a blog about your political beliefs here and there is fine. After all, it's your blog. Do and say what you want. Nobody has to agree with you, BUT they must respect you!

Jeff said...

No, there wasn't more to the faux news of the Tigers being transferred to AAA... Not that they didn't give me plenty of material, alas.