Friday, December 5, 2008

Our New Addition

No, not the pop band, silly. That was so 80's! I am talking about our new little kitty. When I gave up my precious pup a couple of weeks ago, I was trying to think of a pet that Dino would enjoy and be able to help care for. DG and I discussed a smaller dog, but any dog would be too much for us at this point. Perhaps in the future.....

So in the meantime, I settled on wanting a cat. I have always been a cat person, and had my own growing up. My last darling, Benji, passed quite a long time ago. Because MFE claimed to be allergic (which I now realize he was not, just a PITA) I was not able to own one until I struck out on my own. I searched the internets for a kitty that wouldn't be too hard to obtain (side note: some of these rescue groups are quite fanatical when it comes to pet ownership - even of a cat. It seems to me that, while sometimes warranted, they go overboard on the "approval" process). I looked at cost, size, type, and known issues. I determined that the best thing for us would be a kitten, but not too young, and one that is laid back, likes to be held and petted, and gets along with other animals. I even considered adopting two kittys that were siblings or raised together.

For the past few days, I promised Dino that we would go to the local pet store to look at the hamsters (which I am against. Why deliberately bring rodents into your house?). Just to look, I made him promimse. We walked to the back of the store and discovered 3 cats in cages from a local rescue. One was older, a HUGE orange tabby. It was pleasant enough, but really didn't seem to care for the other cats. It hissed when they were near the side of their cage. Not good. The other two, kittens that were of the same litter and only 3 months old, were in the other cage. They were sleeping when we approached them, curled up together and oh-so-cute. I picked up the little boy kitten just as a couple approached. The little kitty was sweet, had long hair, and was very fluffy. He wanted to play. I noticed the woman that had come in was saying that the kitty was "hers". I thought this meant that she was giving the cat up. Then an older woman came up to us. She said that she had been there all afternoon playing with the kittens and had come back to get the little boy. Dino was disappointed, but I pointed out that the other kitty needed a home too. I handed over the boy and picked up the little girl. She immediately nuzzled me and started to purr. What a sweetie! After a little discussion, where the older woman stated that she had not wanted to leave the little girl alone, we decided that I would take the girl and she would take the boy. The store clerk informed us that we just had to pay the adoption fee and fill out the form and we could take them home immediately. I was ecstatic! Dino and I got a few supplies and walked out with our new baby.

She settled in just fine. I left her in the carrier for a bit while I picked stuff up and closed off doors in the hall. I set up her food and litter box. Then, Dino and I let her out. She took her time exploring her new home and I found that she had a few favorite places - under the china closet, behind the big screen TV, up on the window sill, curled up on the bean bag chair. She also had tons of energy. Dino really got excited that she wanted to play and he used the new toys that we bought. He played with her for quite some time! He never did that with the dog. I think that dog scared him and the kitten was just perfect for him.

J and his kids came over for dinner and to meet our new addition. His daughter is so good with animals. She has a knack for handling them. I wish now I had gotten some pictures of them with the kitty. His son was enamoured as well. He kept petting her and talking to her. She loves attention and kept purring and seeking for more. It was a very sweet night. They came up with a name for her - "Jingles".

After J and the kids left, Dino and I got ready for bed. Our new little miss followed us around. We got into bed and she snuggled up between us in the comforter and immediately started to purr. She slept there all night long.

This morning, I awoke and got into the shower. I was surprised to see the kitten sitting and watching. She was curious, that is for sure. When I pulled back the shower curtain to grab the towel, soaking wet, her eyes got HUGE and she leapt out of the bathroom in a single bound. It was as if she was saying, "OMG Mom! You are WET, and you did it ON PURPOSE!" She sat and the door and watched until I dried myself off and only then did she venture back in.

DG reminded me that our parents have a cat named "Jingles". When I woke Dino, we decided on a new name - "Mistletoe", and we will call her Missy. She is such a cute little miss, anyway, so the name fits better.

Dino played with her immediately and she followed him around as he got dressed and started to get ready for school. They already formed a bond, and it is so sweet to watch. He turned to me at one point and said, "Mom, I love my kitten. And she likes me!"

I hated to leave her, but she is already litter trained and knows where everything is. I closed off the bedrooms, laundry room, and the bathroom. I left her toys out, and a blanket on the couch for her to curl into.

Hope you find her as adorable as we do!


Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute. But just remember, they reproduce like crazy. May want to think about getting her "fixed". Kittens are so cute and funny. Have fun with her. Margie

CryssyeR said...

That's the cool part - she's already fixed! The rescue took care of that and her shots and testing. All I have to do is get her declawed and microchipped. Since she is an inside cat, I am hoping she won't need the microchip, but you can never be too careful :)