Monday, December 8, 2008

People SUCK

I arrived early to work this morning to complete some paperwork on my teammates. It really sucks that I have to take this step to make people do their jobs. On top of that, I discovered someone STOLE my digital picture frame from my desk - but the moron left the remote sitting here. I can't believe that this happened at work! I have heard of people missing things from their desks before, but that was over a year ago. And, our facility management has not reported anything taken in a long time.

I am so ANGRY and upset over this. The frame had pictures of my son on it. WTF????? I know times are bad, but COME ON. This was a personal item for me. I am freaked out and ready to cry.

The worst part is, work won't do anything but file a report. Big FUCKING deal! I feel violated and enraged. I don't have much money at this time and won't be able to replace it. That really sucks, y'all. And, on top of it, all I can do is pray the fucker removes the pics of my kid. That is the part that sucks the most. If they got into our building, they could find ways to figure other things. I hate not feeling safe anywhere, but it's worse when you know that they got into a secured building! Or, someone let them in.

It comes at the worst time of year, too, since Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time. Again, I know times are bad and this is just an indication that some people will do ANYTHING to avoid having to get their own shit. Well, they suck. I hope the motherfucker burns in hell!

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