Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Weird Times, My Friend

Rough night/morning. Not feeling well, and I seem to have lost my new ring that I bought to match my yellow topaz necklace and earrings. This is Dino's birthstone, and it really ticks me off that I can't find it. I just got it before I left for Disney. Sigh.

This morning, because I was looking for said ring, I was running late. I instructed Dino to put on his sneakers and get in the car. When we got to MFE's house, it turns out that he put on his good school shoes with his gym uniform. He can't play gym in them, so I had to run back to the house and grab his sneaks. I drove like a bat out of Hades, but I was still behind by about 15 minutes. Grrrrr. On a different note, the car has AMAZING power (compared to the beast I was driving before). It really is a sweet ride.

So, what's weird? Well, that's coming. Hang in with me a moment....

Wanted to give a quick update about Disney. I downloaded my photos to my PC, but haven't had a chance to put them on the web yet. I will. In the meantime, the trip was AWESOME. Couldn't ask for better weather, better behavior from Dino, and better conversation with strangers. It was like one big happy family. Dino wanted to spend most of his time at Hollywood Studios - on the Star Wars ride. 8x's my friends. Yes, you read that right. We rode it EIGHT times. It was a great ride, so I totally didn't mind. In fact, I kinda encouraged it. He had his faced painted as Darth Maul, then was pulled on stage to participate in the Jedi Academy Training show. That was freakin' HAWESOME. He looked so cute. They were walked through some moves to fight with a lightsaber, then suddenly Darth Vader was there. They each got to battle the Big Baddie. When Dino got his turn, Darth Vader says, "you look strangely familiar"...it was funny. Then, Dino battled him and Darth fell to his knee. Dino then got to use the Force on the Storm Troopers. He was the only one to do that. It was sooooo cool. Can't wait to post those pics.
There is WAY too much to detail here, but I will put up here the rides we got on and the number of times we did them:

Day 1 - Magic Kingdom:
Pirates of the Carribean - 2x
Haunted House - 2x
Peter Pan's Flight -1x (totally not worth the wait)
It's a Small World - 1x
Buzz Lightyear - 2x
Carousel of Progress - 2x
Stitch Experience - 1x
Tram (in Tomorrowland) - 2x
Monster's Inc. Laugh Factory - 1x

Day 2 - Hollywood Studios:
Star Wars - 6x!!!!!
Indiana Jones show - 1x
Great Movie Ride - 2x
Prince Caspian - 1x
Backstage Tour - 1x
Muppets in 3d - 1x
Power Rangers Meet and Greet - 1x

Day 3 - Animal Kingdom:
Dinosaur - 1x
Triceratops Toss - 2x
Bug's Life - 1x
Lion King Show (not a ride) - 1x
Safari - 1x
Fossil Playground - 1x (also not a ride)

Then we went to the hotel and played in the pool. Then went to Epcot:
Spaceship Earth - 2x
Finding Nemo - 2x
Space Mission: Mars - 1x

Day 4 - Epcot again:
Spaceship Earth - 3x more
Soaring - 2x
Circle of Life - 1x
Finding Nemo - 1x
Innovations - 1x

Then we went to Hollywood Studios again:
Star Wars - 2x more
Drew Carey Sound Experiment - 1x
Walked around a bit.

Back to Magic Kingdom:
Carousel of Progress - 1x
Buzz Lightyear - 1x
Tram - 1x
Fast Track - 1x
Haunted House - 1x
Electric Light parade - .04 times - Dino HATED it and we left.

Lots and lots of walking, lots and lots of shopping, lots and lots of eating. What was really cool was that we got to do the rides we really wanted a number of times and we seemed to hit them at exactly the right times for the lines to be minimal, or we got the fast track tix. I can't say enough good things about Fast Track. Really makes it totally worthwhile to get a time to come back later. We got to see a lot of side shows all over the parks, and even if Dino didn't want to meet many characters, I did get a pic of him with the Power Rangers and with Buzz Lightyear (and the Jedis of course).... All in all, totally worth it!

So, are you ready for what's weird?

Life is right now. Specifically the holidays without my son. I don't have Thanksgiving or Christmas with him this year. It's freaking me out. Thanksgiving was fine, though, because J and his kids were with me at my sis's house. That was awesome, to be honest. I really enjoyed the fact that the kids had a good time with my family. I missed Dino, but not as much as I thought I would. I am dreading Christmas, though. I mean, how can I do Christmas without my little boy??? I will have him Christmas Eve and he will wake up at home to open his gifts, but then MFE picks him up at 9 a.m. and I don't see him again until the 27th. It's making my heart hurt. Seriously. I know that J and I will find SOMETHING to do and will most likely go to DG's again (she's adopted me, it seems! LOL). It's just really a bitter pill to swallow that I can't spend the day with my baby.

On top of that, MFE is acting weird. I don't trust him any further than I can throw him. He is trying to be accomodating and is being CIVIL. It's so not like him. He's up to something.....

However, good things are also on the horizon - I will be going to Michigan for New Year's weekend with J and his kids to meet his family. It's really exciting for me. The drive (we are driving, it's too expensive to fly) will be interesting for sure, but with the DS and DVDs, we will be totally fine.

Before that is J's office Christmas party, which is next week. I seriously need to find a dress for that. I shamefully admit that I have gained a bit since October, and I totally need to get back in gear. But I think I can still look smashing enough to impress his co-workers :)

Ok, gotta run. Have a super duper day!

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