Thursday, January 22, 2009

For AG

On Tuesday, I watched history unfold from the comfort of my couch. My darling son, N, was ill and laid up with fever. He preferred playing Lego Batman to watching an historic event so I hooked up my bedroom flat screen in the living room and created a viewing center of my own. The inauguration was enthralling to me as I am new to paying attention to politics. What I was watching was political, but most of that was lost on me. Instead, I was taking part in a great moment in our nation's legacy. And, right up until the moment when John Roberts flubbed the oath, I was fascinated. Then the flub. What? Our highest ranking judge couldn't remember one little oath??? And he was READING it...What's up with that? No matter. It was cool anyway. Except for the musical interlude I could have done without. And the poetry reading. And the "invocation" and later the other preacher talking (whatever happened to the separation of church and state anyway? Sheesh). It was a very solemn and touching moment for me. Did I cry? No, not really. But I felt the magnitude of the moment anyway. The speech was also moving to me. I can't imagine the weight that man was feeling at that moment, and yet he spoke to eloquently and strongly. Awesome.

I watched ALL of it. Right through to the end of the parade. Then, I had to turn it off for Idol. Yes, sad as it is, I still needed my Idol fix.

Yesterday, N was sick again, so I worked from home. You know what? It sucks working from home! Things tend to go a little off at work and I end up spending a good part of the day trying to keep people from being idiots. It's like glorified babysitting. And I hate that part.

But, for some reason, I had a huge burst of energy around 4 p.m. I looked around and realized my house was a WRECK. I got N to help me take down the Christmas tree, then I went around and put stuff away. J came home and put stuff in the attic for me. Then I was a lunatic cleaning, vacuuming, and moving stuff. We ran to Casa Depot and got tape to fix my rug. We fixed the rug and I finished moving stuff for the night. I am not 100% satisfied with the layout, but there is more room to move around, so I am happy with it anyway....for now.....

I was happily exhausted by 9 p.m. I felt that I had at least gotten somewhere. Ever get that feeling that life is out of control? I have had that feeling for awhile now. By rearranging my house, I am taking control of my environment and it helps me feel like some part of my life is back in order. Controlled chaos, if you will :) Know what I mean?

Back to work now. Maybe tonight I'll have the urge to clean the bathrooms....maybe.

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Adorable Girlfriend said...

I am going to post something over at about this post!

I heart you. That's all I got.

And I am so excited to see you tomorrow!