Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Need Prayers Please

Ok, so I am currently on a "vacation" from religion, but I am still asking for your prayers. See, this afternoon is the mediation hearing for J's custody dispute with his ex. She has gone to great legnths to make him look like a horses ass. She called Family Services last month on some trumped up charges that she had Crystal report (and exhaggerate I must add). When DFS closed the case for unsubstantiated allegations, the freaking wench called the cops this morning to report the SAME charges! So, this morning, I was sitting in my living room watching the cops interrogate J and try to get to the bottom of the allegations. Not only is this fruit loop wench (really wish I could use stronger words, and I am trying really hard NOT to) desperate, she is a dangerously psychotic person. She got her kids to lie and steal for her in the past, and now she got them to accuse their father.

I have no doubt in my mind that J will eventually win the day since the lunatic psychopath bitch lives in a motel and doesn't have a job to speak of to support her kids, and lies and cheats her way through everything. But it is a really hard thing to watch him keep getting these low blow hits along the way and have the feeling that there is something else coming right around the corner.

So, please send up a prayer to your higher power of choice. He needs it, the kids need it, and even the freak needs it.



Domestic Goddess said...

Man, I honestly don't know how he puts up with this crap and it is a shame that he has to. I really hope the cops and the mediators see through all of this crap and see things his way. He's too nice of a guy to go through this. How does he stay so chipper through it all?


Anonymous said...

Consider it done. Prayers, that is. Margie