Monday, January 19, 2009

The Return

It may be time to visit a doctor. After 62 days of absence, Aunt Flo decided to return with a vengeance. Not only did she fail to give me proper notice, she also has determined that being gone for 2 months means that she has to squeeze in two months of pain and suffering in a 4 day span to make up for it. Without giving too much detail, she is causing me to wake almost every 2 hours and the pain can be excruciating at times. Makes me wonder if I could have another cyst? Whatever the reason, I shall call my doc this week to make an appt to find out. Fun, huh?

The weekend was awesome, despite the reappearance of my nemesis. Because it was this weekend that I finally reconnected with my dearest friend from high school.

Say what you will about these sharing sites like MySpace and FaceBook. It is through FB that I found RV again! 23 years ago, my closest friends were RV and MV. We had gone through grade school together and managed to stay close through high school. MV sort of dropped out of our lives shortly after that, but RV and I stayed pretty tight. She moved all the way to DE from PA and we started to lose touch. I was young, naive, and lazy - I thought we would always be bestest friends and didn't think that I needed to put too much effort into seeing RV or keep up with her. Little did I know.

After college, RV moved around and I lost touch with her. Truly, I had lost my dearest friend. I forged new relationships with those that I feel are special friendships, but I always regretted losing touch with my other "sister". She was such a part of my life in the days I was growing up - we went everywhere together. We talked about getting houses on the same block and having our kids grow up together. We dreamed about the lives we would have and the places we would go. We wanted to be close always.

After falling out of touch, I had briefly found her 4 years ago when perusing a classmates website. We made tentative plans to get together but that fell through when my son became ill. Then my phone broke and my computer crashed and I lost her number. We lost touch once again.

Last week, I was looking through the high school connections on FB and I saw her again. This time, I was not letting her go! We traded some email and made plans to meet for dinner on Saturday night. Since RV has recently torn her ACL, I offered to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes. She had the rest. I was excited and nervous. What would she be like now? Would I still feel connected to her? Would our kids get along? Can we recapture our friendship? All of these things raced through my head for the 24 hours leading up to our dinner.

I needn't have worried. RV opened the door and, taking one look at her, I could see she looked JUST the same. She was still tall and beautiful. She still had the most exotic cheekbones and eyes. She looked no older than her 20 year old self! She said the same of me, but I think she was just being kind :)

N and her son hit it off at once. They liked the same things and were able to be friendly straight off the bat. RV and I chatted about family and got the history we had missed. We sat down to a lovely dinner and I actually found myself wanting to pester her with questions. But I knew that I didn't want to come off being too eager and overbearing. I didn't want to overwhelm her! LOL

After a nice dinner and dessert, it was time to go. We made plans to get together again in two weeks, since that would be when N was home with me again. I was almost sad leaving, because I had wanted to reconnect for so long, I didn't feel like we had enough time even though two hours had passed.

The best part is, she only lives 5 minutes from my house! How cool. Even though she'll be moving in March, she is planning on staying local, so that should be good. I do not want to lose her again. I just hope she feels the same way about me.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

That's awesome!

grandmamargie said...

That's nice. Hope it all works out.

Anonymous said...

Good God get a room!