Monday, January 26, 2009

Sad State of Affairs

Read this.

Unbelievable. What is wrong with this picture?

I'll tell you. I rarely get all riled up about these things, being that there is little that can be done by me personally. But I have something to say about this issue.

The better team won. Period.

Why should they apologize? Why should they feel ashamed that they played better and got excited when they were so far ahead. The whole idea that they should "pity" the other team, who was not up to their caliber, is insane. This is not a life-or-death situation, people. If the outcome was the other way around, would the other school feel that THEY should forfeit their win and apologize for the better play? I think not.

What gets my goat the most is the fact that the school administration is trying to make this a religious argument. Fugghetaboutit! This was a sports exercise. I really don't see JC on the court at all in this. Should we feel bad for the losing team? Maybe, if they played hard and did their best. Should we penalize the girls that worked hard to be a better team and minimize their success by forcing them to be "Christ-like" and apologize for their achievement? Hell to the no! This is the whole point of sports, people! Work hard, play well, and win. Every competition has a winner and a loser. That's just life.

Grant it, our society is pretty cut throat and hung up on getting ahead. In theory, I understand what the school is trying to promote. I just think they are going about it the wrong way. If you take a team and get them to play their best, and the coach insists that they played fairly and with honor, then why take that and make a religious statement from it?

Well, I don't know. My sense of fairness is disturbed. I would rather not play at all if the school I played for didn't support my success. The administration won't even acknowledge that the team played well! If I was one of those girls, I would quit just for the sheer lack of support from the school. I applaud the coach for standing his ground and affirming his belief in his team.

When I played basketball in gradeschool and my freshman year, I was probably the worst player on the team. As a consequence, I didn't get much court time. But I was never one to back down from a challenge. What are we teaching our youth if we tell them to "feel sorry" for the team that didn't play well? Perhaps we are teaching them compassion? Ok, we can do that without making them feel disgraced for winning. But more importantly, if we hold them up and say, "You did well. Maybe next time, when you are so far ahead you can relax a little and not be so aggressive." Even that doesn't sit well with me. If the girls played as they were supposed to, why penalize them?

I don't know. What do you think?


Jeff said...

Most interesting part of the article was that it was 59-0 at halftime. So they did let up in the second half. And, let's face it, all the bench players were probably in as the game came to a close. So they were shooting 3-point shots even as the margin got wider and wider. Well, maybe a bench player wants the coach to know that she can make a 3-pointer in some future game when the game is on the line. Maybe she wants to be the person called off the bench when a 3-pointer is what is called for. Something tells me that if the school had NOT fired the coach, far less attention would have been paid to the entire affair.

Not to mention, aren't there other things that deserve more attention?

Domestic Goddess said...

Know what I think? That the team in question should not be proud of that victory. But worse yet? That the administration at BOTH SCHOOLS allowed it to happen. I think a MUCH BETTER IDEA would have been for the "special" school to have the "normal" school provide a clinic or basketball camp or something to help them develop their skills. That would have been more humane. The fact that the losing team's admins and coach let the game occur is a travesty, in my humble opinion.

The girls did nothing wrong. They are led by a coach and they place their trust in him. That said, it was a REALLY BAD JUDGEMENT CALL to begin with . I don't think they should have let the other team win. But going for the three-pointers was a little...erm...out of control.

And yes, there is plenty more wrong in this world right now. Just because people made some really dumb decisions does not mean it should be on teh national news. As a parent with a child with disabilities, I'm embarassed, because (once again) idiots are going to debate about specialness and what is appropriate for special needs and they've never walked a mile in those shoes. They have no right.