Thursday, January 1, 2009

Smells like....

We are on the road and I am happy to report that the trip has been smooth and fun (snowstorm on the mountain be damned! 4 wheel drive rocks, y'all). As we crossed over the state line from PA, J and I looked at each other and said, "Smells like Ohio!"

This is a joke that we picked up from a blog called Roar Of The Tigers - by Samara Pearlstein about the Detroit Tigers. There is apparantly a rivalry between her state college and the college one of the ball players (for details, see J). She was commenting on his trade to another team, and then stated that he smells like Ohio. We found this unbelievably funny and use the tag line any chance we get. So, naturally as we are driving in Ohio, many references are made to the aromatic qualities of the state.

Just as we got back on the road this morning (having stopped for the night at a hotel) Dino commented,
"What's that smell?"

"OHIO!" Came the unison reply from the front seats.


Anonymous said...

Funny. Margie

Jeff said...

The blog entry that started the "smells like Ohio" craze (see the third "panel" of the comic, near the bottom):

And, for the record, that blogger is a graduate of the University of Michigan, and Nick Swisher (one of the players featured in the hilarious comic) played college baseball for Ohio State. Thus, he "smells like Ohio," because all good Michiganders know the proper directions to Columbus (home of OSU): "South 'til you smell it, east 'til you step in it."