Monday, March 30, 2009


Ok, so medically I am feeling WAY better. So that means one of two things:
1. I was the recipient of a modern day miracle performed on me by Florence of Menses, the patron saint of the monthly flow.
2. Hormones are getting back into line after a particularly bad flare up.

So, seeing that I am not all that religious at the moment and don't anticipate that a miracle would be bestowed upon me, I am going with what's behind door number 2. This also means that I can now confidently call the doctor and schedule a time to see her - since I didn't want to be in the throes of menstruation and not be able to get an appointment. Yes, you heard it here first - I AM CALLING A DOCTOR! (cue the parade and the wild cheering)....

I did have an epiphany this weekend. I am VERY close to having a family of 3 children. And no, I am not pregnant with twins. J and I are in serious discussions about our future and what that means for us. It most definitely means that we will be co-habitating in the future. So we have been really making sure we are getting our little ducklings in a row. One hurdle - school for C. She is going to be 15 in June (EEEEEK - a teenager!!!! ) and needs to be in a school that can handle her special needs. She is really a sweet girl, just needs guidance and a role model. She is dead set against any decision J makes, even if it is the best thing for her. Sigh. But that seems to be a hurdle that will be crossed without my assistance, which is good. Still, I am going to have to lighten up A LOT people. I am way too regimented and set in ways to be a proper step mom to a teen aged special needs child. I need advice! Is there a class I can go to that will help? She and I get along well, so I am not worried about that. She just needs extra attention and stuff. My gut instinct isn't always serving me well on that front....

A final Ah-Ha! Moment this weekend - my weight. A life long struggle, folks. As some of us know, there is NOT a magic ingredient to getting or staying in a healthy weight range. What IS magic is how good you feel when you are taking care of yourself. I don't want to concentrate on my weight anymore. I want to concentrate on my health. So, I am doing that. Out with the old, in with the new. The old me, as recent as yesterday, feels crappy when she eats lots of sugar and carbs. That's just how my body is. I pulled out some notes I had last night from my doctor's appointment last June - I had "perfect" blood scores and she and I discussed the lo-carb thing. She advocated me staying lo-carb as I have the metabolism type (her words) of a slug. No lie! She said that. It was in jest, but it was on the mark. I never was very active growing up. She mentioned that I have to push myself into activity to make it a habit. You know what? I never did. So instead of focusing on the food/weight issues, I am going to start with the exercise problems. For instance, I always get cranky when I work out - the doctor said it was because I didn't condition myself properly and was pushing my body too hard, too fast. She wanted me to start with something easy until I dropped a significant amount of weight. Her recommendation - walking with weight training on alternate days. Did I listen then? Ummmmmmmmmmm.....ok, I did a little bit. But didn't really. So I am going to follow her advice one year later :)

Check back for updates, y'all!

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