Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sick and Tired

Dudes! GC is soooooo sick today. I was really sick on Tuesday night - up until all hours puking. Yeah, I know, you didn't need to know that. But it's important to have the back story. I took off yesterday to rest and slept pretty much all day. MFE offered to pick N up and take him to school so I wouldn't have to leave the house. While this was a nice thing to do (and of course I let him do it) I knew it was just a guilt thing. On top of that, I was totally drained from the weekend. It was a grand time with little sleep. Still, I didn't expect to have the upending that I had. How's that for a pun?

I started to feel MUCH better around 1. I was a little weak and dizzy but I got up, chatted with J online and got some toast. Then I showered (after which I felt really good) and picked up N. I took my time to prepare him for his overnight with MFE. What I found out when I picked N up from school was his behavior was not all that great this week. I immediately knew it was because of his rough weekend with his dad. How's the kid supposed to cope well when his dad tells him that he doesn't want to see him anymore because he is misbehaving - and MFE didn't give him his meds? I hate that man with a passion sometimes. Most of the time it is just general distaste. Anyway, I lavished praise and love on my boy to try to compensate. He really is a great kid, just needs extra coaching at times. Anyway, I made sure lots of hugs and kisses were given as I packed his bags. I laid on the couch for a few minutes, and then got N dinner and made sure his homework was done. All normal. He was fine for me.

MFE picked him up at 5:40 and I found that J was running behind. Wednesdays are our night together, and in the past we have had only a couple of precious hours before he had to leave and pick up his kids from his crazy ex. However, he made a new deal that they get to stay overnight with her on Wednesdays, much like N does with MFE. This gave us the whole night together. And it was heaven! No rushing, lots of together time and being in love. I was feeling just fine. In fact, better than fine, I was feeling great.

Then I awoke this morning - was ok until after my shower. I started to feel sick again. Nausea and ever-so-tired. A little dizzy, but not much. The drive in was a blur. And here I sit at work, feeling like I could fall asleep any minute and waves of nausea. What the heck? Perhaps I should have given myself another day off, but it couldn't be done. Too much going on to miss another day.

Hopefully I can make it through. Time will tell....

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grandmamargie said...

Here's hoping you get better soon.