Thursday, April 16, 2009

Waiting For A Better Day

The past few weeks have been tumultuous at best. Gameboy went to Florida with his dad and ended up getting abused. Turned my life upside down, let me tell you. I'm filing a PFA today.

I have had to write up a teammate that I really liked - until I discovered that she just wants revenge and doesn't want to fix what is wrong to be a better employee. Sigh. Now I have to watch every step I make and every thing I do as well as everything she does. Sigh.

My saving grace is my family and my sweetie, J. Without their support, I would be having a nervous breakdown right about now.

So, to be honest, I don't feel like blogging much. I'll be back soon when I get back into my happy place.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Why I Love J

So this week, J and I played a practical joke on our Facebook family and friends. We decided that we were going to pretend we eloped. It was pretty elaborate. First, I had to duck my family and friends for at least a week so I wouldn't slip and spill the beans. It was hard! I was never one for keeping secrets really. Still, once I got into the swing of things, it was all smooth sailing. We put vague statuses up on our pages, referencing a certain event that was taking place. But that was it. It was perfect because we have Wednesdays as our "kids free" night during the week, and it turns out that NCC Courthouse only performs weddings on Wednesdays. I gave my best Academy Award winning performance as well. I dressed up, avoided my coworkers, and generally just left little hints in my status - like "Hope I can make it to 3:45" (the fictional time of the wedding), "isn't it Ironic" (cause it was raining....if you know the song, you'll get it), and "got a runner in my stocking - that will never do!". Well most people didn't realize what I was saying in the beginning. We updated our status at 4:30 via our mobile phones - and changed our relationship status to married. I even went so far as to change my name! It was actually great fun, to be honest. To take it even further, I photoshopped our faces onto a pic I found on the Internet on a couple that was married at a courthouse that sort of had a body type like ours. We then took a pic of our hands with "wedding rings". His was a ring I gave him for Valentine's day, mine was my ring when I was pregnant with Gameboy. I uploaded the pics in the morning and then went to work. Sadly, Facebook did not update our statuses right away and didn't change my name until the next day. So we carried the joke into the 2nd. Soon, the congratulations starting pouring in. We were quite enjoying it - when suddenly around 11 a.m. my sister DG posts that she wants to throw a party. We didn't count on her planning a party for us - and didn't want her to go to too much trouble, so we decided to come clean at 3 p.m.

The storm and flurry of email, phone calls, and IMs was a torrent of annoyance, anger and attitude. Well, not really. Some found it fun, some found it mean, and some vowed revenge. But all were finally let in on the joke.

So now to the part where I explain why this adds to my dear love of J. First, he went along with it in great spirit and even with zeal. Second, he helped me to come up with some ideas to make it more believable. Third, we were caught up in the joke together and as sick as it sounds, it made our Wednesday night even MORE romantic. I felt like we were partners....ok, partners in crime, but partners nonetheless. Seriously, he totally played it up with me and that made me realize that not only do we connect on SO many levels, but that our senses of humor are the same. How can one person love another with such zeal, passion, and completeness? He is the Ying to my Yang, my other half, and my comfort in the storm. I can't imagine my life without him. Having him join in on this prank made me realize that we are truly meant for each other.

I love u, J. <3 <3 <3 Infinity!