Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This past weekend was supposed to be a great weekend. It still kinda was, but I had this cloud hanging over me. You see...

J moved in officially on Friday. Gameboy was cute, running to door when he got home and shouting, "Welcome home!" We had dinner and settled in for the night. The next morning, after breakfast, we dropped Gambeboy off at his dad's. I should have known something was up in Gameboy's head because he was surly and difficult. We had to drop him off by 10, which we did, and got on the road immediately.

J and I had tickets to the Nationals game in DC, and we arrived there in plenty of time. We parked rather far away (at least for me, with a broken ankle, and I wasn't sure I could handle the walk). I checked my phone for the time - since neither of us wear a watch - and I saw that it was 12:20 and I had two voice mail. Seriously? What is up with that. The first was from MFE (surprise!) saying I needed to call back right away, Gameboy was acting up again. The second was from my sister, with the same sense of urgency. The time of the calls was 11:20-11:30. WTF? I was gone 90 minutes and already MFE is griping? I called his numbers and received no answer. Then I called my sister, who informed me that she did not answer the phone when MFE called her, but I should be aware. I begged her to take Gambeboy from him, as it was obvious that he could not handle his own child. She didn't need me to beg, she was offering at the same time. Bless her! I have the bestest sisters in the world, I swear...anyhoo, I finally got through to MFE after ringing his phones non-stop. (Aside: if it was such a fugging emergency, why didn't he answer his phones? Fugger!) He informed me that Gameboy was "up to his old tricks and tantrums". I just told him to take the kid to my sisters. It was not a good idea for them to be alone together if this is how this is going down each visit. He tried to say that he would keep Gameboy and "just see how he does", but I was adamant that I wouldn't get anymore bail-MFE-out phone calls. He agreed to take our son to my sister's after the party they were attending. It was then that the tears came. SERIOUSLY! What am I to do with this situation? It was clear MFE can't deal, and doesn't even try to anymore. It was obvious that Gameboy doesn't want to spend time with his dad, and it makes him crazy when he does. It was ever so evident that their relationship was beyond my help.... I tried to put it behind me and just enjoy the time away with J. It was hard, though, as I kept rolling it around in my head the issues with MFE and GB.

After the Nats game (where we roasted in the sun but had a good time anyway, thankyouverymuch), we winded our way to our hotel to get ready for the concert in Annapolis. I was a bit preoccupied. But, after a sinfully huge dinner at a local buffet, we made it to Annapolis in time to sit in the bar where I had the first of quite a few Cap'n Morgan and Diet Cokes. The concert was HAWESOME, fun and properly entertaining. The Players Band and the Pietasters were incredible. It was a great mixed crowd, and the night went rather quickly. I think we arrived back around 1:30. I fell into a deep alcohol induced sleep soon after.

The next morning, I was in a mood. I didn't pin point it right away. We were on the road back after an equally sinful breakfast at the same local buffet (which, incidentally, should be outlawed!). After making arrangements to pick Gameboy up, we went home, changed, and went to J's baseball practice, where I froze my arse off. After, J was beat, so I drove to pick Gameboy up. My mood darkened as we got closer and I must admit I drove crazy. I kept apologizing to J, as I am sure I was scaring the bejeebees out of him. We arrived to find Gameboy playing happily with his cousins. I, on the other hand, was annoyed. Just wasn't sure why at the time. On the way home, Gameboy's mood changed from good to sour in a matter of moments when we stopped at a store and I wouldn't let him buy whatever he wanted. He had a mini-melt down in the car. But after a stern lecture, he seemed to turn it around. I kept apologizing to J for the way I had been during our ride before and he mentioned to me that he felt that I was just worked about about the situation with MFE. You know what, he is right (yes, and he often is!).

I am worked up about it. I am freaked out that I cannot get MFE to take responsibility for his own actions. I am tired of fighting with Gameboy to make him want to go to his dad's. I am sad that he doesn't care if he sees his dad at all. I am worried that the relationship won't be repaired if MFE doesn't do something to fix it. And I am sick of getting phone calls every time MFE had his kid.

So in all, it wasn't a horrible weekend, but it was a tough one emotionally for me and Gameboy. Here's hoping it gets better - and J doesn't run screaming in the other direction....


Adorable Girlfriend said...

man oh man. Could you write a letter to the MFE and send it to him? It might help. A well written, calm letter, that is. I honestly have to believe he wants to be a good dad, he just doesn't know how to be one.

Jeff said...

How did I not see this yesterday? Anyways, I knew you were a little off... You fell asleep for a few minutes while the Pietasters were blaring maybe 20 feet away from us!

But, seriously, drive 55, bring 'em back alive. And I include me in that.

Nobody has bigger "crazy ex" issues than me, so it's all good. I ain't goin' nowhere.