Monday, May 4, 2009

Where the Chicks Are

Hi Blog-o-spere!

Ok, I swore I would never let a month pass without blogging, and I am just squeaking in at the last minute. It has been a VERY hectic and hellious few weeks. Here are the highlights:

First, filed a PFA against MFE in the courts. His lawyer called and had me dismiss the PFA and we signed an amendment to our divorce agreement that he has to attend anger management courses, parenting courses, and only gets Gameboy for 1 night a week and the first weekend of every month. That appears to be too much for him as he called me yesterday to say that Gameboy was once again "out of control" and then dropped him off unexpectedly yesterday saying "I need to drop the baby off, he's going to break the car!" Turns out that Gameboy wanted BK and MFE wasn't willing to do that, so Gameboy freaked. Well, shoot. He doesn't do that to me! Ex-MIL was in the car and she got out in the rain and motioned for me to come outside. I wasn't sure what that was about. She made her way to my steps and said she wanted to talk to me, can she call me later? I said yes, but when she did call, I was too busy to talk and didn't have time to call her back last night. Then I started to think - why the heck should she talk to me, and why do I want to hear what she has to say? I don't. She needs to keep her nose out of it. If she hadn't coddled her freaking son all these years and fed into his behavior, he might be a half way decent man. So, no way, Mrs. R. Keep your opinions and your preaching to yourself. This ex-DIL doesn't want to hear it. Besides, if she hadn't found the time in the past 12 months to reach out to me, there is nothing I want to hear her say now.

I also broke my ankle 2 weeks ago. It's an avulsion fracture - where the ligaments pull off the bone and take some bone with it. Ewwww. I am in a boot and waiting for the day where I can "graduate" to a split. I am walking much better now and have high hopes that I'll be back to my version of normal soon.

The kittens are getting huge! All except the littlest one, Marbles. He became ill this past weekend and I had to take him to the emergency vets. Turns out that he is dehydrated and isn't eating well. So, I received a supplement, some antibiotics (in case he has an infection) and some high protein soft food. Mama was't nursing him for some reason, so I tricked her into it. I fed her some softer food herself and while she ate, Marbles nursed. Then this morning, I held mama and while I petted her, Marbles nursed. He got in at least 15 minutes of nursing. I'm going to continue this along with the vets orders until the little guy is strong again. Poor baby. I think I'm going to keep him, too. The others are really healthy and strong, so there should be no problem getting them adopted.

Ok, have to run. Much more to post, but now I don't have the time! Later, gators!


grandmamargie said...

What is a PFA and I'm assuming Gameboy wanted Burger King? Hope things get better soon. Personally, I would be very curious as to why the ex's mother would be wanting to talk to you. Maybe she realizes things about her son finally. Oh, well, just a thought.

CryssyeR said...

Hi Margie - a PFA is a protection from abuse motion to the courts. Yes, Gameboy wanted Burger King and MFE had other plans. To be honest, I am curious about ex-MIL, but I am not going out of my way to call her. I just can't let her drama get to me.