Monday, May 11, 2009

WTF? And Other Happenings

Received a call from the ex-MIL on Friday. Decided to call her back to keep her from bugging me. Her concerns were mostly that Gameboy "isn't normal" and that there is something "wrong" with him. As the conversation progressed (and I won't go into details) I got more and more annoyed. She didn't want to hear that Gameboy's anti-social behavior with his cousins on that side of the family is not intentional. She didn't hear me when I explained that he doesn't really want to die, as he apparently says often at her house, or that he hits his dad and the girlfriend because of their inability to handle him. Oh, it's his fault, to be sure - NOT. I was as respectful and as kind as I could be. Basically, I just let her have her say while being busy folding the laundry and getting my house ready for my future in-laws to arrive. I politely tried to explain that the medication is not responsible for these "horrible" outbursts that Gameboy has when he is with their family. The real problem lies with one man, MFE, and his inability to be a parent. And now I find that it stems from his mom who can't seem to understand the impact that MFE's freak outs are having on my little boy. Whatev. I assured her that the therapy was underway (thank you for raising a son that can't be a dad and is causing a young boy to be very confused). I told her I had it under control (oh, and that he didn't EVER hit or punch me or J). I then hung up so as not to lose my patience with her and possibly ruin my weekend.

Speaking of weekends, I had a pretty good one. The future in-laws arrived in grand style, bearing gifts of pierogies and kielbasa (yum!) and we had a lovely visit. Decided on Saturday that I wanted to barbecue - and held an impromptu family gathering. Had my parents and two of my sisters over (along with their kids) and we all had a really great time. My dad and J's dad got along famously. My mom pretty much avoided much social interaction, as is her M.O. these days. The kids had a ball! A good time was had by all. My ankle was pretty sore by the time the day was over, but it was a lot of fun. Now if I could just plan stuff like that in advance so I am not running around like a chicken without a head, it would be perfect :)

Anyway, Mother's Day was nice and quiet, and except for Gameboy's increasingly bratty behavior, it was a great day. Not so much relaxing, but definitely a good one. J's mom showed me how to use my sewing machine (huzzah!) and I fixed her laptop. Got some laundry done, and even was able to cook meals. It was a really good time. We did have some downtime in between meals, laundry, and trading skills, so we talked about J (naturally) and the events of his 18 year marriage to a total psycho. Poor J. He really bore all the stories well, having all the painful memories dredged up time and again as Mom B kept telling me the crazy that was his life. I have to give him props. He hung out with his crazy as bat shit ex for a lot longer than I could hang with mine. More importantly, he is a totally different person now then he used to be - and so am I. I am ever so thankful that he came into my life when he did - and that he is sticking around for a long time. I totally feel for him having to relive the days of darkness, but I remind him that he is not that person any more. He is better, stronger, faster....the 6 million dollar man! Ooops, sorry, off topic. Anyway, he was a trooper and I know it was not easy for him to listen to the things that he is trying to put behind him. One thing I can do to help that is to not ask those questions that would lead to a "Past J" story. It should all die down soon, since I am no longer the "new girl" in his life.

Off I go now, must get back to work. Tomorrow is my ortho appointment and I should finally get out of this ugly boot and into a much more reasonable splint. Happy Monday, y'all!

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Jeff said...

Now, where's my 6 million dollars, that's what I want to know.

But, seriously, thanks for being patient through all those stories... And for not wondering which one is the real me and running away.