Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Seriously, if there is one thing in this world that really gets my Irish up (there are many, but this is the top of the list), it is mistreating a child. If you have the time, see this and don't say I didn't warn you that it could make you nutty. Why are schools allowed to do this? And who's freaking bright idea was it to begin with? They should be drawn and quartered. Yes, that is a really painful death, but it is deserved if a child is suffering at their hands. It's one thing to "time out" a child, but to lock them in a room? WTF?

I hurt my ankle again last night. Taking too many stairs too quickly. I don't even know how it really happened. I went down the stairs fine, but coming back up I must have stepped wrong. The pain shot up my leg. And down my foot. I iced and elevated. Still in pain today so I am back in the fugly boot. WTF?

Gameboy had his therapy appointment last night. It went really well. Therapist agrees that "dad" shouldn't have him overnight for a bit until this is under control. And I have to figure out how to tell him. He was snippy with me when I suggested it before - and he doesn't get why this is all happening. WTF?

It took Gameboy 45 minutes to write 10 sentences. I need help with this one folks. He HATES writing and making up sentences. Definitely not something he got from mom - ask anyone that knows me that I made up songs, poems, stories, anyone that would listen. So this is a huge struggle for me. And I lose my patience quickly and easily. Bless J's heart - he is so patient with Gameboy. Why can't I be? WTF?

Ok, must get back to work. Hope you have a relatively non-stressful day :)


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Glad to hear that GB's therapy went well. I know it will be hard to share it with MFE. However, at some level he has to know this is coming.

Jeff said...

I once worked at a school that openly called itself a "school for the emotionally disturbed" and they had... I'm having trouble remembering the name... "safe rooms", I think they called them. But they had padding everywhere (even on the floors), and no kid was ever in there unsupervised. It was a useful tool... A kid who was acting out got to go in there and tear up the place (since there was nothing in there to tear up, they mostly flailed around for a bit) if they so chose. Get it out of their system, calm themselves down, then go back to class when they were ready to concentrate again. In the meantime, they weren't disturbing their classmates. Still, there's right ways to do it and wrong ways. And school systems are under budget pressures and can be understaffed at times. In that case, I think they're probably better off with the kid in the classroom, even if he is disturbing others. Some things just aren't safe, and losing a little teaching time is nothing compared to what else could happen.

I think Gameboy needs to just relax and not try to write the "perfect" sentence. He seems like he's constantly trying to write something better than his first idea... Now, how to get him to do that is another matter entirely.