Saturday, June 6, 2009

7 Pounds

No, not the tear-jerking depressing Wil Smith movie - this number represents a week's worth of returning to the folds of the low-carb way of eating. I FINALLY realized that my gain in girth was not good (ha! how's that for alliteration?)and kicked myself into gear. It didn't hurt that we have a "Loser's Club" bet going at work where I could stand to win $320! Yeah, money motivates me, what of it?

Any way, I have lost 7 pounds this week, and it feels good. That without exercising really, because my ankle is still unable to handle walking for extended periods of time. But, what I was able to see is that my stomach area has shrunk. I will be taking measurements to track my progress with that too. I feel really good about it. And I brought out the arm weights at work so I can do some stuff while on break or conference calls. Gonna do it...I am trying to get into a certain white dress in a year or so....


Adorable Girlfriend said...

White dress?

AG is not saying one word. Is that a new Starbucks over there?


grandmamargie said...

WooHoo, go girl! Do you already have the "white dress"?