Monday, June 22, 2009

Blocked No More

This weekend, I received the "document" that MFE was supposed to give me a month ago. It shows he only attended 2 sessions of "therapy". That somehow tapped a nerve deep within me and gave me a surge of energy and rage. I cleaned, forced J to help me rip up a carpet and lay down a new one, rearranged furniture, and even did some laundry! I was on a mission. It seems that righteous anger has done much for me these days....and it even spurred me to write this:


Thank you for the documentation that you delivered to me on June 21st to show that you enrolled in an anger management program. I see from the dates, however, that you have not attended since May 19th, and in fact, only attended 2 sessions. As we discussed this last week, I wanted to follow up and determine what your intent may be. I reviewed the agreement we signed on April 22nd against this information and I agree that (1) the agreement does not specify any specific number of sessions; (2) any court will likely view the "4 months" language to mean at least 8 sessions. Based on this information, I wanted to determine if you intended to return to the agreed upon therapy, or if you plan to adhere to the assumption that you are not bound to attend any specific number of sessions. My actions will further be determined by your response and your willingness to work with me to complete the agreement that was made between us and filed with the courts.

Also, I wanted to inform you that I will be filing a modified visitation agreement with the court to make official the current schedule of 3 hours per week with no overnight visits, as per Gameboy’s therapist’s direction. We will continue with this modified visitation and once Gameboy’s therapist suggests a new schedule, I will file that with the court as well. I wish to avoid any miscommunication about this issue, as I am sure you would agree.

Further, I am finding that the struggle to get Gameboy to comply with your visitation is becoming more and more anxiety ridden for him. He becomes angry and morose when I attempt to have him dress for your visit. I asked him why and he expressed that he did not want to see you. I will no longer be forcing him to visit with you if he expresses anxiety about it. I feel that it is not in Gameboy’s best interests to extend the stress and anxiety that he displays. If this is the case on his visitation night of Wednesday or Thursday, I will give you notice that we should try another night.

Please reply in email what your intentions are surrounding the therapy. I am hoping to resolve this issue quickly and without legal intervention.


How's that for creative juices flowing? Yup, I'm BACK!


Adorable Girlfriend said...

I am eager to hear how he responds.

grandmamargie said...

You probably already do this, but keep ALL correspondence. Especially the writings. They may be useful at some point. Also, document everything. Get a calendar and keep record of all conversations and visits as well as Gameboy's reactions before and after visits. I repeat, document everything. Even if it seems minor. Good Luck.

Reid said...
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Brandeis said...

While I am not a lawyer yet, it is worth noting what you're doing in this letter:

Dear MFE,

1) How dare you violate my interpretation of the court's order?

2) I am unilaterally changing your rights without going to court.

Have a nice day, CryssyeR.

So, let me offer this thought, in the spirit of "Great lawyers tell you what the judge will do":

It is my suspicion that any judge is going to be somewhat offended by this. So, perhaps some rephrasing is in order to protect the sensibilities of a judge.

But you do what you want.

Me said...

I was about to comment that this is beautifully written and I can't wait to read how he responds, but after reading Brandeis' comment, I think it probably would be a good idea to have a lawyer look it over first. I still can't wait to hear how he responds!

grandmamargie said...

Hope all is well with you and yours.