Monday, June 15, 2009


Like I need more drama in my life. So I was following up with MFE on the form that he was supposed to provide when he started his anger management therapy. I asked him for it again on Wednesday, only to find out that he was no longer attending. So he is in violation of our agreement that we signed stating that he would attend 4 months worth of sessions. Right. On top of that, he doesn't have the form. I threatened again to take him to court, and I called his lawyer. Per his lawyer, there is no required number of sessions to attend. I disagreed since the agreement clearly stated he attend 4 months worth of sessions. Even if he did one every month, that would satisfy the agreement. MFE did 3 in 90 days and stopped. I realized as the lawyer was talking that I was rooked, and now I am pissed. MFE states he has no time for therapy. He's too busy. He has too much going on. I reminded him that Gameboy's therapist will not see them together until he has completed a significant number of sessions. He didn't care. I then stated that it was on him to make this work. I am DONE trying to make him into a father. They are both scum and should burn in hell for being so blase about my son's future relationship with his dad.

I have been pondering this long and hard all weekend (which I made longer by taking Friday off due to the mounting tensions at work and the stress I have been under). I have come to the determination that I am DONE, DONE, REALLY DONE with MFE. I am not going to file anything against him. If he doesn't want a relationship with his son, so be it. If he hurts him again, I will file the PFA and not discuss a damn thing with his lawyer. Let him defend the snake in court. Let him weasel his way out of it if he can.

What I am going to do is continue to inform MFE of what Gameboy is doing. I will also continue to relate the counselor's recommendations to MFE through email. I will not talk to him by phone. I will not talk to him at all. When he wants Gameboy, I will make sure he gives me 24 hours notice or he doesn't get him. I have yet to hear of any vacation plans (the agreement states he has to give it to me in writing by the end of April or he doesn't have him when he wants him). So I am guessing he isn't taking him. Which is actually a good thing. At this point, the therapist doesn't want Gameboy to go with his dad overnight. In fact, he is limited to 3 hours at a time once a week. Sigh. I don't know how long this will last, but it is very upsetting. I will be speaking to Gameboy's counselor tomorrow night and I'll find out from her what is best for my boy.

One strongly worded letter to MFE to follow....

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Adorable Girlfriend said...

Your actions make sense. It's really unfortunate that MFE and his atty are like that.

I am here to support you in any way possible and know a family court atty in the area if you want to talk with her.