Thursday, June 4, 2009

For Once, I'm NOT Speechless

So, lots going on, and to be completely frank, I have not had the energy or desire to post a blog entry. Why? Ummmm.... Lazy and lack of subject matter. Ok, that's a lie. Tons of stuff is happening, but I don't possess the fortitude of wit to make it entertaining for y'all. So, I will just roll it out as...

GeekChick's Top Ten Reasons She Is Not Blogging
well, that's an odd title, because this IS a blog entry...but I digress...

10. Pure exhaustion has overtaken me and I am struggling with feeling overwhelmed.
9. Doods, hormones!
8. I am running all over the greater Northern Delaware area on a daily basis for therapy appointments, karate, cat stuff, and baseball.
7. Somewhere, somebody is sleeping and I am deeply jealous.
6. I have to pack up all my MK stuff and ship it back to the company.
5. I get lost on the internets when I log in to check my FB page.
4. There's enough laundry to make DG's pile look like a foothill.
3. My ankle is still messed up and I am forced to rest it at least for an hour a day.
2. Gameboy is quite demanding of my time these days and my energy level is waning.

And the number one reason I am not blogging.....

1. J moved in and I am still getting accustomed to having him there every night!

Ok, so J moving in is a good thing, right? Of course it is. But I am finding that I would much rather sit with him on the couch than do aforementioned laundry, or dishes, or clean, or vacuum, get the picture. Not only that, but there is TONS of clearing out to do by next weekend when we were planning on moving his extra furniture into the garage. I will HAVE to hold a yard sale for some of the furniture items (cause I have TONS of yard sale stuff piled up in my garage anyway and I want to make some money from it). Add to that fact the need to clear out the office, I still have SIX freaking cats in my house, and I have tons of paperwork to clear up for the summer camp, and you have one cranky GeekChick on your hands....or on J's hands...poor J.....

In other news:

Gameboy has friends again in the neighborhood! It's great to have them come and play with him. He needs the social time so badly. He even had a play date with a school friend this past weekend. That's progress!

My mom is in the hospital and I am....resigned. That's probably not what you expected to hear from me considering, but it is the best word to describe how I feel. I think I have finally come to the understanding that she is mentally ill (yeah, slow learner, that's me....) and have to accept her as she is. I miss my mom. She is having a glut of testing done, but is improving. The diagnosis is leaning toward a stroke. We'll know more as the tests come out. Still, it really scared me when I realized that she was so badly off - and that I may miss that opportunity to reconcile myself with her illness. So, no time like the present.

I had a major freak out this past weekend as well. It highlighted my hormonal issues and the fact that I had not dealt with them at all. I had promised to call the doc many moons ago. Well, I finally did it. I made an appointment...for July! But, I asked to be put onto a cancellation list. At this point, I will drop all to deal with this mess. I know it is hormone related because it only happens the week before Aunt Flo arrives and it magically clears up right before the cramps set in. Coincidence? I think not! Anyway, because J is now living with me, and since my freak out started Friday, he was subjected to the worst of it through the weekend. I have to say, though, he handled it like a champ (didn't call me a psycho even once!) and tried his damnedest to be comforting and consoling. You girls know when you are in that "MOOD" you don't want to be touched or comforted, but I have to give him props. He really did all he could to show he cared. Once the tempest abated, I was able to have an intelligent conversation with him again and explain. Still, feeling that crazed is really not a good feeling at all....

I still have SIX freaking cats in my house! I need help.


Anonymous said...

six cats would make anyone wig out. The humans must outnumber the animals! Hope the doc has a good answer for your monthly woes.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

I am coming to get one of said cats shortly. I would take another so she'd have a sibling, but I am not sure how I am going to do with one. I would be petrified with two. Futhermore, I am concerned if I ever get married he'll have a cat or two and then we'd have like six cats we could never give away and well, you know!

Thanks for updating us on Mom. I was concerned and curious with what they'd decide. Let's talk more about her in person when I see you. While there is nothing wrong with feeling resigned, I want to make sure you are OK with everything. Gawd, I know first hand how difficult mothers can be and how they address some medical issues and not others. Family stuff is no day at the beach.

I am glad to see that J has moved in and things are going along great. I won't ask what the status is with his kiddos. Hopefully, better than when I saw you both. (Sad face.) Enjoy the time together. I never really lived with a man and I hope to do it one of these days.

I am delighted to hear that GB is making some new friends. It's been a year now. It take some time to adjust and figure everything out. Sounds like he's getting there. He's a great kid and he'll get it all figured out!

Hang in there. You're turning a corner.