Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello? Is this thing on?

Oh my, where to begin? It's been 3 months since I blogged last? REALLY? Hmmmmm, something is definitely amiss when I can't even remember the last time I blogged.

Whew! Where to begin? It's been a CRAZY summer and I have tons of updates. So, I'll give you the short version.

Top Ten Things That Happened to GeekChick This Summer

10. Fought the urge to hire big guns against MFE and decided to let things play out. As a result, MFE completed his anger management course in due order. GameBoy now actually enjoys his time with his so-called father. And J and I get a couple of much needed kid-less days and nights together.

9. Had some MAJOR issues with people at work. My team was falling apart and I was powerless to stop it. Most of them turned against me (despite the fact that I held them together through 2 management changes) and tried to blame my ineffective supervision as the reason that they were turning on each other and fighting, clawing for power, and just down right miserable. When our HR department asked me if I was happy in my position, I had to say emphatically, "NO way Jose!" As a result, we are planning a reorg which will include the manager directly supervising the "people" part of the team and I will manage processes. Very nice.

8. Had an epiphany about the junk in my house. Time to clear out and simplify. I looked at the stuff piled up in different rooms and decided that now was the time to act. So far, have managed to clear out a few things. The goal is to have an actual GUEST ROOM (gasp!) and reclaim use of the family room.

7. Had my 41st birthday. And that's all I want to say about that.

6. Finally saw my doc about my anxiety/mood swings/manic episodes around certain times of the month. The diagnosis - PMDD. I am now on a little blue pill for the two weeks leading up to Aunt Flo. It's ok, but I want the pill for EVERY DAY. In any case, it does help, so progress....

5. Went camping with the family. It was AWESOME. My incredibly AWESOME sis, DG, allowed us the use of her mini-van and J and I took BugBoy and GameBoy camping for a long weekend for the family reunion. It was so good, we want to do it every year. We will balance it out against going back to MI to visit the family there.

4. My Grandmother, Iron Peg, died in August. We had advance notice that she was deteriorating, so I was able to see her before she went. I thanked her for her support and love, and made sure she knew that we were all going to be ok. It was even more heartbreaking to have the family divide up her things. It was necessary, and I am glad that just about everything went to a good home, but it was so hard nonetheless.

3. Participated in the "Mayberry Community Yard Sale" with my awesome sis, DG. J and I were able to unload most of the furniture. Thank goodness. Helpful for the clearing-out that I am currently trying to do.

2. Went to DC with J the first weekend of August, where we decided on the biggest thing to happen this summer....

And that would be...

1. J and I are getting married! Yes, you read that correctly. We proposed to each other in DC (very romantic, btw) and promptly set about a date. We are not much for waiting (with me being in advanced years and all), so after some false starts, we decided on October 18th....of THIS YEAR. That makes GeekChick one crazy chick, but hey, what's a little more stress in my life? LOL Seriously, folks, J and I are insanely happy and he is my Ying as I am his Yang...well, that doesn't sound right, but you get the idea. I have never imagined such a perfect match in all my life. He isn't judgemental, tempermental, or going mental. He is calm, kind, loving and oh-so-supportive. And he is probably going to read this, so I won't embarrass him any more.

The wedding will be taking place before the end of the season game for his vintage baseball team. We are even dressing in period appropriate clothing. Oh, it's gonna be a kick! I even have (GASP!) yarn on my needles again.

Yes, things are looking good in GeekChick's world right now. And I am enjoying every moment! Later Gators!

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