Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why My Son is Awesome

Being sick sucks, and I seem to get sick when I am stressed. It's no secret that I am a highly emotional person. So that means I tend to stress myself out...A LOT. These days, the stress is kinda good - wedding plans, working on a new position at work, and finally straightening out my finances. But it is still stress and it still affects me the same way. Hence, I am sick again.

It's a bit of nausea, a bit of stomach cramping, and a whole lot of fatigue. I am just plain worn out these days.

Yesterday, I got home from work and promptly changed into jammies and laid on the couch. I was lying there for only a few moments when Gameboy comes up to me and gently strokes my hair. He didn't say a word. Then, he leans over and kisses my forehead and says, "Don't worry, Mommy, I'll take care of you."

Can it get any better than that, folks?

Nevermind that immediately after he pitched a fit because we wouldn't order out for pizza (despite the fact that J was making a pizza for dinner). Nevermind the fact that he threw a real tantrum because I wanted him to finish his homework before we ate (but he did finish it soon after we ate). The simple gesture really touched me and I was able to quickly let those other things go.

Until he asked for ice cream just as I was getting up to go to bed...but that isn't important right now.

My son is awesome. And that's all there is to it.

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