Monday, October 26, 2009

Things To Do

Week 1 of married life has passed and all I can say is, it's SO much better than the first time around. J and I are so sympatico that we can finish each other's sentences and even think the same exact things from time to time. We had an awesome weekend, treating it like a mini-honeymoon, and it was really wonderful. Didn't even mind having to pick up Gameboy a bit early (he was happy to be home, too).

This weekend, J and I decided that we needed to do a few things around the house as well. We are changing the family room over to a "man cave" of sorts. We moved the home computer into that room, and the video games. We are slowly putting up bar signs and bar stuff to make it feel like a real cave. Eventually, we'll even put on a real door :)

Gameboy decided that he wanted the smaller bedroom, instead of the nice, large bedroom he had. It seems that he is easily scared at night, and the smaller room offers more of a "cozy" feeling to him (his words!). So, we cleaned out more stuff and moved his mattress and boxspring in there. Slowly we will move over his dressers and clothes. It gives me the opportunity to weed out clothes and toys that no longer are in use. And it's also making me realize that my son has some "issues" that point more and more to Asperger's Syndrome and not so much to ADHD.

Speaking of which, his teacher is clueless as to how to handle ADHD. We had a parent/teacher conference and the praise settled on how Gameboy is a sweet kid and very loving, but is hard to keep on task and is highly distractable. You don't say? Seriously, I had to offer her some suggestions! It was weird to say the least. As a long time teacher, I had hope she encountered kids like this before and had something to offer. Nope. Also, it turns out that Gameboy doesn't play with ANYONE at school. This makes me incredibly sad. How do I get him to make friends with them? He had 2 friends but when I questioned him last night, he said they annoy him and he stopped playing with them. I am at a loss. Play dates didn't seem to work. He refuses to go. Then there's going to karate - he wants to quit. I will not allow my son to become a recluse, so I am forcing him to keep going. It's really frustrating.

Back to the house stuff - we are going to turn Gameboy's room into the true play room and craft room. That way, we can close the door on the toys/mess! LOL Only half kidding on that one. We want a guest room, and it's a big enough room to have a bed and the air hockey table and a few things so it should be good. I'll be working on that a little every night, gutting the room and putting it back together. I also have to move the stuff in the smaller room out to make way for the rest of Gameboy's furniture. It should work out great, and he is so happy with his new room, he slept in it all night! It was quite nice to see he is comfortable with this change. Also, since his old room was bigger, it was also usually colder. So it's a win all around.

I have been hoping to start a new knitting project, but I haven't been able to get to it with all the wedding stuff and now the house flop. I will hopefully start a new shawl for my vintage dress sometime this month. We'll see. The month is almost out!

Have a great one!

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