Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Giving It My All

Despite the doom and gloom of the previous post, things are working out nicely with my new position. I am still in charge of processes, just not the people performing those processes. This could be a good thing. Or it would if our manager was stepping up the way we expected. He ain't. Still, when things come crashing down, all I have to do is throw my hands up and say - "NMP! You wanted me out, and look what happened." In a sick way, it's kind of gratifying to watch and know that I was the only piece holding it together. And that's not arrogant on my part. I seriously WAS holding it together, even if I resented having to do so because the people here can't seem to do it themselves. Either way, I am actually enjoying my new role, so that means I can seriously dedicate my time to the things I really enjoy - like Policies and Procedures. I know, it's a sickness really....

On the home front, things couldn't be better. J is the very BEST thing that has happened to me since the birth of my son. Having my two guys around and even having that alone time with J, I am in a near state of bliss.

I say "near" because there is still that elusive weight loss thing. I have actually lost again this week, and that makes me feel good. Considering that Aunt Flo has one foot in the door and is waiting to come crashing in, I'll take what I get. The only thing I have not done at this point is figure out how to get some serious exercise in. This weekend, J has a road trip on Saturday. I think I'll take that opportunity to NOT be lazy and finish cleaning up our new all purpose room. That would be the room that Gambeboy vacated for the smaller of the bedrooms. His near "Asperger's-ness" is rearing it's head again and he said he hated his old room because it was too big and didn't feel cozy to him. I kinda have to agree. It was a big room and was much too cavernous for him. He LOVES his smaller room and even chose to spend some time in it all by himself. That's a first. So, the bigger room is being made over into a multi-purpose room that will house my craft stuff (yarn, yarn, and more yarn), my sewing machine, the dinky elliptical I purchased and really don't use yet, the air hockey table, the rest of my vast wardrobe, and various sundry stuff that doesn't fit into the rest of the house. This gives you a very good idea of just how large this room is. It's too narrow to be the master bedroom (and 'sides, we like our room in the back of the house...more private...know what I mean, nudge, nudge), so it will do nicely to fit all those other things.

But, because we switched Gameboy's room last Sunday, I had hurt my back and it is just now getting back to normal. J proved his prince-charming status by cleaning up and getting dinner for me last night. And he massages my back like no one else ever did. That helped a lot. Hopefully I can be smart about cleaning up this time and get things done for real....

Thanks to DG, I have attempted once again to integrate FlyLady into my daily routine. This is not an easy thing for me - but I do spend my 10-15 minutes in each room when I get home from work so I can just keep up with the clutter and crap. Hey, that's a good line! I think I'll use that again...anyway, it's helping in many ways to keep my sanity and make me feel like I am actually doing what I can to keep a nice house for my guys. And I am starting to get Gameboy into it, too. He is going to be spending the first 15 minutes after school picking up the living room from the things he leaves in it daily. Heck, he's gotta earn that allowance somehow! LOL

Oh, and I have FINALLY started a new knitting project. I discovered that I wanted a shawl to go with my vintage dresses, so I found a pattern that looks vintage and I started it a few weeks ago. I only have about 15 rows done, but at least it is finally started. Now, to just find time to actually knit! LOL

Ok, kids, gotta run. TTFN!

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