Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Off to a Good Start....Sort of

I had every intention of getting back to at least weekly blogging, but for some reason, that has not come to pass. To be honest, I forgot about it! LOL It wasn't until I received an email from a comment that I remembered. Sheesh.

What's going on in GC's world? Well, I just got over a nasty illness. Won't go into details for the TMI-squeamish crowd, but I needed antibiotics and I am finally back on my feet after spending days on the couch. The worst part of being sick is the guilt I feel about not being able to take care of things or the people in the house. It's an illness, and the reason I did not take care of myself when I first started with the symptoms. I feel so badly when I can't do for my son and husband. They rely on me, right? And I don't like to rely on anyone. But the pain became too much on Sunday and I finally called a doctor Monday morning. After two days of meds, I am back in action. And I managed to clean and do some laundry last night to assuage my guilt.

Speaking of guilt, I have not yet started my daily workout routine as instructed by the doctor to help get my levels regulated. Besides changing my diet (which I am SLOWLY doing, btw) I am supposed to walk or do some routine for at least 10 minutes a day. Her suggestion was to find something that my husband also found entertaining. Guess you can all guess what that was! LOL But she means walking, swimming, bike know, traditional exercise :) Gotta get on that.

Good news though is I did manage to lose weight with the small changes I have made thus far. So there is still hope for me! Haha.

There are many things that I still need to do. And for some reason, I have been dragging my feet doing them. I need to get a copy of Gameboy's records from his neurologist about the Asperger's. Then I need to meet with his school (who conveniently forgot all about me) and make sure his needs are addressed next year. I will also need to determine what steps I want/need to take with the school district. I am not sure an IEP is necessary, because academically he is doing great, but he seems to flourish with individualized testing. That may be something to push for.

I also need to have my foot looked at - the heel is really bothering me since I broke the ankle and I suspect some form of tendon damage. I just hobble around on it now since some days are way better than others. I know, I know. I need to do it.

I just can't motivate myself. You know what? I just want some real "downtime". You know, the time where nothing needs to be done, nothing goes wrong, nothing is expected of me. Just time to be. Just time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. I am hoping that we will get that opportunity when we go to Michigan this year. Only a few more weeks! I can't wait. It will be awesome.

Well, better get back to what I am supposed to be doing. Hope all is well in your world! XoXo

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gameboy is SO literal

"Gameboy, stop eating the candy!"
"But Mom, it's sooooo good. I can't help myself."
"I know baby, but it's not good for you. You have such a sweet tooth."
"Which tooth is that? The one on the side?"

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Miss me?

Hello world! I know that I have not posted in a bit, but life has been hectic. I think that loving married life is just not letting me get on line as much :)

On that note, some wonderful things and some not so wonderful things have happened. To spare you all the ugly details and just provide cliff notes:

1. Finally got Gameboy properly diagnosed. Asperger's Syndrome. I know this doesn't sound like good news, but it is. I can finally get him the right assistance at school and elsewhere.
2. MFE is enrolled in twice monthly therapy with Gameboy to work on their relationship! Whoo-hoo!
3. Married life is heavenly. I have really met my soul mate.
4. Work has settled down nicely and I finally see a light at the end of the long dark tunnel we have been dealing with for the past few years.
5. FINALLY made those doctors appointments and have been placed on anti-anxiety meds. Wonderful!

1. Family drama is a drain on my good mojo. My mother's health is not so good, but worse is our relationship is very strained. I'm trying to make more of an effort though.
2. Haven't had my "Aunt Flo" since before I got married in October. Doc doesn't know why. Nothing looks out of whack. But, I am of "advanced age" so they are not surprised. Really? 42 is "advanced age"???? Since when??? But I don't miss it.
3. I'm turning 42 this July. Sigh.

1. I gained 50 pounds in the past year and am now considered "pre-diabetic". Doc is working with me to get the weight off and level off my blood sugars. Working well, but it's a bit of a PITA.
2. Broke off with a really good friend due to mental instability and general freakish behavior. Sad but necessary.
3. I'm turning 42 this July!!!!!!!!!!!!! AACK!!!!!!!

Ok, that's really it in a nutshell. But I'm working on a much cooler post. Promise :) Until then, be well my friends.