Thursday, June 3, 2010

Miss me?

Hello world! I know that I have not posted in a bit, but life has been hectic. I think that loving married life is just not letting me get on line as much :)

On that note, some wonderful things and some not so wonderful things have happened. To spare you all the ugly details and just provide cliff notes:

1. Finally got Gameboy properly diagnosed. Asperger's Syndrome. I know this doesn't sound like good news, but it is. I can finally get him the right assistance at school and elsewhere.
2. MFE is enrolled in twice monthly therapy with Gameboy to work on their relationship! Whoo-hoo!
3. Married life is heavenly. I have really met my soul mate.
4. Work has settled down nicely and I finally see a light at the end of the long dark tunnel we have been dealing with for the past few years.
5. FINALLY made those doctors appointments and have been placed on anti-anxiety meds. Wonderful!

1. Family drama is a drain on my good mojo. My mother's health is not so good, but worse is our relationship is very strained. I'm trying to make more of an effort though.
2. Haven't had my "Aunt Flo" since before I got married in October. Doc doesn't know why. Nothing looks out of whack. But, I am of "advanced age" so they are not surprised. Really? 42 is "advanced age"???? Since when??? But I don't miss it.
3. I'm turning 42 this July. Sigh.

1. I gained 50 pounds in the past year and am now considered "pre-diabetic". Doc is working with me to get the weight off and level off my blood sugars. Working well, but it's a bit of a PITA.
2. Broke off with a really good friend due to mental instability and general freakish behavior. Sad but necessary.
3. I'm turning 42 this July!!!!!!!!!!!!! AACK!!!!!!!

Ok, that's really it in a nutshell. But I'm working on a much cooler post. Promise :) Until then, be well my friends.


grandmamargie said...

Welcome back, I'd almost given up on you. :)

CryssyeR said...

Awww, thanks! And thanks for checking in on me again :)